10 must-have jewelry pieces for every woman

A big part of dressing up apart from the clothes or the shoes are the accessories that can make or break your style. Jewelry amongst them is one of the star players in adding some bling to your wardrobe. Here are some must-haves jewelry pieces for every lady!

Stud earrings
A simple set of diamond stud earrings can go a long way! Add this to a simple trouser and shirt combo and turn a dull office look into an elegant evening look. You may also choose some stud earrings in different colors to add some zing.

Hoop earrings
Hoop earrings will probably never go out of style. You can choose what size suits you best, but we would advise something medium and chic to go with all kinds of outfits. And gold metal, perhaps?

Bangle bracelet
Use one or stack a couple on top of one another and add some funk to your style, depending on the occasion. A single gold bracelet could do well with some trousers and for everyday use. However, a couple stacked together could go well with a dress or a gown. Choose wisely!

Coin pendants
Don’t you just love the simplicity of this design! The pendant rests beautifully on the chest and goes well with most outfits. In fact, it could be one of the pieces of jewelry you wear on a day-to-day basis. What do you think?

Cocktail rings
Just as the name suggests, this is the perfect piece of jewelry for your evening out. Style this with a plain dress and let the bling from the ring gather everyone’s attention. With a piece of jewelry as shiny as this, you can accessorize minimally. Just make sure not to lose it through the night of fun!

Stacking rings
Casual and chic, these types of rings make for great everyday use. Depending on what metal you like, you can get them either in gold or silver. You can choose a sleek design to ensure it doesn’t get caught in any of your clothes.

Gold chain necklace
A classic piece that every woman needs! Want to throw on something to cover up your bare neck without looking too flashy? A gold chain necklace is your answer. Wear these with summer dresses, shirts, or even tank tops.

Pearl necklace
Have a fancy dinner planned for the evening? Or a wedding to attend? A classic pearl necklace goes well with carefully chosen outfits, so make sure you pair it properly. Style it with some pearl earrings too!

Steel watch
Wearing a watch seems redundant with our smartphones in our hands all day but believe us when we say an age-old classic steel watch will pair rightly with your casual dress. 

Tennis bracelet
Diamonds stacked together in a single line? Yes, please! A well-made tennis bracelet is one of the most sought-after jewelry pieces a woman needs. It can be added to most outfits without thinking twice, and its simplicity is what attracts attention!

Lab-grown diamonds are your best bet if you are looking for less expensive alternatives to natural diamonds but with the same opulence and varieties. These diamonds are created in controlled environments using advanced technological processes and are available in various designs and colors. 


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