5 signs a partner might be having an affair

A successful relationship is built on trust. Doubts about a partner’s faithfulness can lead to major cracks and arguments, especially if effective communication is lacking. It’s important to note that a lack of trust is equally as damaging as one partner having an affair. Therefore, it’s always better to address relationship problems as they arise. With that in mind, here are five signs that a partner might be having an affair.

Hiding the phone
It is possible that some partners may become overprotective of their phones and carry the device along everywhere they go. They might also place it face down when spending time with their significant other. This might be a sign that their attention is focused on something else. In such a situation, one should consider speaking to their partner (if they feel safe doing so) about how the constant phone usage makes them feel.

They can’t stop talking about someone new
Partners who bring up a coworker, running buddy, or friend all the time might compel one to question the relationship. While they might genuinely enjoy the other person’s company, it could also indicate the development of feelings for the other individual.

Emotional disconnect
A strong relationship is built on open and honest communication, which helps foster a strong bond between two individuals. However, if one partner begins to notice that their significant other is no longer emotionally invested in the relationship and is constantly finding excuses to be away, it may be an indication of an underlying issue. The person might make vague chit-chat about work and may not invest much time in meaningful conversations like they used to.

Changes in appearance
Often, a partner might start to change their style of dressing. While it could simply be their New Year resolution, it could also be a sign that they are trying to impress someone else. Therefore, sudden changes in behavior that require additional grooming could be suspicious if bundled with other strange behavior.

The partner gets irritated more easily
A partner that might be having an affair may constantly compare the other to the one they are seeing. Things that never bothered them before may suddenly turn into a massive issue, such as the other partner’s eating and dressing habits. They might also intentionally create chaos as an excuse to leave the house. These emotions may also stem from other problems, such as stress due to work. In either case, one should consider speaking to their partner about this as soon as possible to resolve the issue.


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