6 care tips for keeping your lawn lush and green

Over 81% of people in the country live in homes with lawns in front of them. And most people ensure that their yard is close to a perfect shade of green. However, maintaining a lush green yard is not as easy as it looks. Grass and vegetation fade, dry, and wither away with time. But with these six care tips, you can ensure that the lawn stays dense and vibrant all the time.

Test and improve soil
Lawn grass requires nutrients and ideal conditions to flourish. And the best way to ensure the soil is healthy is to test it. You can check pH and nutrient levels and change the nutrient profile with the appropriate type of fertilizer.

Mow regularly
Your lawn needs to be mowed at least once a week, especially in the spring and summer. But we recommend cutting only about a third of the grass’ height in each mowing cycle. This way, you can ensure that the grass is well moisturized and gets sunlight.

Maintain the mower
A lawn mower comprises parts that undergo extreme ware and tear and require periodic maintenance. Sharpening the blades for an effective slicing of grass is one way to maintain the mower. Another maintenance tip for mowers is to clean the undercarriage to prevent rusting and ensure smooth functionality.

Control the growth of weeds
Weeds can disrupt the green aesthetic of any lawn. Apart from mowing and fertilizing, try deep watering the lawn. The process helps keep weeds from growing uncontrollably. Some weed types, like broadleaf weeds and crabgrass, might need to be controlled by professional landscaping services.

Reseed thing regions
You may notice patchy, bare regions on the lawn. Such spots need reseeding so that a healthy mat of grass can grow. Areas with overgrown weeds may also require reseeding. But before you initiate the process, eliminate the weeds with an effective herbicide.

Install a gutter guard system
Installing a leaf gutter guard system can help maintain a law, especially during the rains. The system diverts excess water to the gutters instead of letting it flow uncontrollably onto the lawn and other components around the home. And when you decide to install this system, we recommend shopping for a reliable gutter installation service like LeafGuard. Choosing LeafGuard for gutter installation will help improve lawn survival in the rains and keep our insects, pollen, and leaves.

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