7 glamorous fashion trends for 2023

This year has been off to a strong start with numerous fashion trends making their way into our daily lives. Two of the biggest styling ideas that have stood out this year are practicality and fresh perspective, where designers are looking for new and innovative ways to repurpose classics. If you are keen on jumping on the fashion bandwagon, make sure you keep up with these seven hot trends in 2023.

Skirt suits
Skirt suits are back in fashion, but this time with bold, chic prints that are meant to make a statement. With varying lengths of skirts, jackets, and blazers, you now have so many more options when it comes to finding a flattering fit.

Maxi skirts
It’s time to give your mini skirts a little rest, as maxi skirts are back in style. This season, low-rise silhouettes with lots of pockets in fabrics like denim and velvet have become extremely popular.

Cobalt blue outfits
One of the brightest colors that have stood out on the runways this fashion season has been the electrifying cobalt blue. From daily-wear casual outfits to more structured dresses that are perfect for a professional setting, styling items in this color can help you elevate your basic looks.

Red ensembles
If you have a special interest in bright, bold colors, red is back on runways as well. Opt for head-to-toe red outfits if you want to leave a mark, or choose an accessory like shoes, handbags, or jewelry in red to make a subtle, yet chic statement.

Day-time bling
You don’t need to limit bling, shine, and sequins to your party outfits anymore. This season, you can add some sparkle even to your daytime wardrobe with bedazzled skirts, tops, pants, and more. Pair them with your favorite classics to achieve a chic, put-together look, that’s in line with runway trends. If you aren’t keen on sequins and sparkles, add some bling to your outfit with the right accessories. Accessories can help add dimension and enhance your look for any occasion. Brands like KAY Jewelers offer an extensive selection of rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, watches, and other jewelry pieces for the perfect silhouette of sophistication and style. 

Sheer clothing
Sheer clothing has been around for a while, especially for weekend outfits. This year, designers have worked on accommodating the risqué trend in more professional outfits as well, making it a style you can rock everywhere.

Cargo pants
As mentioned earlier, practicality is back in fashion this year. Cargo pants have made several appearances on the runway, and designers have ditched last year’s shapeless, low-rise pants. This year, it’s all about tailored silhouettes and pockets, in top-notch fabrics like satin and organza.



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