7 most returned Christmas gifts

As Christmas approaches, individuals are getting ready to purchase gifts for their loved ones to celebrate the season of giving. Exchanging gifts during Christmas has always been a cherished tradition. However, not every gift one purchases hits the mark with the receiver. For several reasons, some common gifts find their way back to the store after the festivities. Here are some of the most common Christmas gifts that end up getting returned.

Shoes are one of the most commonly returned Christmas gifts for a few reasons, like, they might not match the recipient’s taste, they may not be the right size, or the recipient may not find the pair comfortable. Since shoes are a personal choice and depend on these factors, it is advisable to avoid surprising someone with footwear unless one is confident about their size and style preferences.

Clothing, including sweaters, shirts, t-shirts, and even gym wear, often sees a high rate of returns. The reasons for returns can vary from mismatched preferences in color and style to discomfort or sizing issues. If one is still planning to gift clothes, it is better not to keep it a surprise and let the recipient choose the clothes themselves.

Gifting makeup essentials can also be risky, as it involves selecting a product with the right shade and ingredients that the recipient prefers. If the gift does not match their preferences, it may get returned. To avoid this, it is better to avoid gifting makeup essentials such as concealers and foundations. Instead, one can opt for gifting makeup tools such as brushes, which are a safer choice.

Kitchen appliances
Kitchen appliances are a practical choice for gifts but are also very common – especially items like toasters and coffee makers. Chances are, the recipient already possesses these appliances. Therefore, unless one is sure that the recipient needs new kitchen appliances, it is better to avoid choosing them as gifts.

Glassware is a common Christmas gift that often ends up being returned to the store. While it may seem like a good idea to gift glassware to friends or family members who enjoy hosting parties, it’s important to consider that frequent hosts may already have plenty of glassware and may not have room for more.

Although sweets and chocolates are often seen as delightful gifts during the festive season, it’s important to consider that the recipient may have already received a lot of these treats during Christmas. Moreover, some people may opt for healthier choices after the holidays, and sweets might not be as appealing to them. This is perhaps why sweets are among the most commonly returned Christmas gifts.

Scented candles
Scented candles are a common choice for Christmas gifts but are also frequently returned. This is because the chosen scent might not align with the recipients’ fragrance preferences. So, it is advisable to avoid gifting scented candles and consider alternatives like a scent diffuser, which allows the recipient to choose their preferred scents.

Apart from these, toys, especially teddy bears and electronic toys, are among the most returned Christmas gifts. This is because there is often a discrepancy between the child’s expectations and the reality of the toy’s functionality or appeal. Alternatively, the toys may be too complicated or simple for the kids. So, buying gift cards or vouchers from a toy shop is suggested so the kids can pick their favorites during the holiday season rather than buying something that may get returned later.


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