Expensive shoe care guide – Top 5 mistakes to avoid

High-end, expensive footwear is not just an accessory; it’s an investment that can enhance one’s style. Whether it’s a pair of luxurious leather boots or custom-made heels, maintaining the longevity and condition of these pairs requires careful attention and being mindful of certain missteps. Considering the diversity in shoe materials, each requires a tailored approach to care. So, here are some common mistakes that can affect the quality and durability of one’s costly shoes:

1. Applying polish before cleaning
Applying polish without cleaning the shoes can trap dirt and contaminants, leading to scratches. To clean shoes effectively, follow these three steps: waterproofing, conditioning, and polishing. Based on the shoe material, one can use different waterproofing products, like wax-based polishes, specialty water protectors, or spray-on solutions. Conditioning prevents shoes from hardening or cracking, while polishing, when done at last, can give the pair a mirror-like shine.

2. Using improper care products
Not all shoe care products are created equal, and using the wrong ones can do more harm than good. One can invest in quality shoe creams, solutions, or waxes that match the color of one’s brogues or heels to expand their lifespan. For example, silicone is known to give a shine to shoes, but if used on leather, it may clog pores and cause cracking. So, it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to prevent unintentional damage when it comes to caring techniques.

3. Using the wrong brush
When preserving pricey shoes, using a brush with overly stiff bristles or aggressively brushing can scratch the shoes and damage their finish. Similarly, submerging one’s prized footwear in a washing machine with harsh detergents and high-speed spinning can damage the delicate materials and alter the shape of the shoes. One can use softer alternatives like a horsehair brush, microfiber rag, or an eraser, depending on one’s shoe material, and clean these products regularly to avoid transferring dirt back onto the shoes. It’s also important to brush one’s shoes regularly to remove surface dirt and prevent grime buildup that can cause long-term damage.

4. Neglecting leather sole protection
Leather soles are fragile and can prematurely wither when exposed consistently to moisture and sweat. Failing to protect them with non-slip rubber or crepe pads can lead to premature withering. These pads enhance traction and prevent slips, especially on smooth or wet surfaces.

5. Storing shoes incorrectly
Piling up one’s shoes disorganizedly or leaving them in direct sunlight or outdoors can cause deformities and fading. One should use shoe trees to maintain the shoe’s shape. A shoe tree is a foot-shaped tool, often made of wood or plastic, inserted into a shoe to maintain its shape and prevent creases. In addition, one can store them in dry places with proper ventilation to extend their lifespan.


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