Points to consider before you buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner

Dyson brings you a range of vacuuming solutions, featuring corded, cordless, and even robot vacuums depending on your needs and daily use. On the one hand, corded vacuums are perfectly engineered to deep-clean regular surfaces, such as your flooring and rugs. It helps remove all types of dirt, pet fur, and debris that can accumulate deep within the fabric and corners of the flooring. However, for lighter quick cleans off elevated surfaces, you can alternatively explore Dyson’s versatile range of handheld vacuums.

Here are some things to look out for before buying a Dyson vacuum.

Vacuum technology
Dyson manufactures cleaners that feature different types of technologies designed for a specific model. For example, Dyson Ball technology gives you more maneuverability and better suction with the components built within the ball housing. This design helps mask the noise of the motor and offers a better center of gravity. On the other hand, for more heavy-duty pet-fur and debris cleaning, Dyson also offers a tangle-free turbine tool system. Spinning discs rotate to suck the debris and hair without anything getting caught in the motor. The attachment is best suited for corded models, offering a better range of motion.

Runtime is a crucial factor to consider with handheld and cordless models, as an inbuilt battery source powers these cleaners. Runtime indicates the duration for which the vacuum runs before the battery drains out. You must also consider this factor to choose the settings on the vacuum, be it for high suction or low suction, as it affects battery efficiency. Always consider a cordless cleaner that offers the best runtime. This way you avoid the risk of running out of juice before you even finish cleaning.

Parts and accessories
Different types of vacuum cleaners will feature unique parts and accessories for special cleaning. These may include attachments, extendables, and even adapters that allow you to transform a handheld machine into a deep-clean one or swap the motorheads for better suction. Always ensure you buy the right accessories compatible with the type of Dyson vacuum you use.

Vacuum cleaners may not be very expensive, but if you buy the wrong type, you will have flushed money down the drain. So consider the type, technology, and compatible attachments first. Remember, your budget may limit the options, so it is better to decide on the cleaning requirements and then compare products based on a ballpark estimate.






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