Quick and easy ways to sell your timeshare

Timeshares are a lucrative way of investing in property that you can own for a specific period. Investing in a timeshare opens up avenues for travel and affordable stay at exotic locations. But reselling the space is where it gets tricky, as the demand for these properties varies on factors like location and price. 

Here are some good ways to make a sale quickly:

  • Go through an agent
    Real estate agents who specialize in buying and selling timeshare properties will help you unload your ownership quickly. You must do thorough research and choose an agent with plenty of experience in the area. Verified agents can broker a deal quickly because of their contacts in the market, and they will keep track of current listings and await an opportunity to broker deals for a quick commission.
  • Find a website
    A lot of websites nowadays broker timeshare deals online. They connect sellers to buyers who are looking to rent or buy some vacation space. In exchange for a small transaction fee or even a membership, you can list your timeshare deal on popular web portals. Your ad will be made visible to millions of buyers. Websites also offer professional help to close the deal without much hassle. This is the quickest way to offload timeshare properties.
  • Sell through your resort
    If you own a timeshare space at exotic beach resorts, it is always quicker to broker a deal with the resort owner. This way, you can avoid paying an agent or brokering a fee to third parties. The only catch is that you will have to verify the buyer, as resort owners will initiate the process to authorize the sale. But don’t make the mistake of exchanging your current ownership with a timeshare upgrade. Simply contact the owner and sell it off.
  • Advertise online
    If you can and want to sell your timeshare at a value you deem fit, advertise online. This way, you don’t have to shell out cash in order to make the sale through a third-party broker. Use social media and even Craigslist to put up free ads. But ensure that you can reach an agreement with potential buyers.

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